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War of the Watchdogs

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08/04/2009 11:24 PM
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War of the Watchdogs
This article connects several news events of the last few days. You may find it interesting (but ... heavy literary allusions to George Orwell's "1984").

Also ... the actual article has numerous links and better text formatting ...

from: [link to commonsense2020.com]

Up before dawn this pleasant summer morn, my casual daily stroll across the Web in search of delightful news for blog content seemed somehow to be just another glorious day of fatuous bliss. In these serene Orwellian days when ‘change’ is actually ‘much more of the same’, ‘hope’ is actually ‘despair’, and ‘transparency’ is actually ‘opacity’, headlines are rife with eager potential for more thought crimes against the Ministry of Truth and the Big Brother Administration.

In my earnest quest to reach the elusive Room 101 or at least a secluded joycamp, all the usual questions pervaded my impure mind. Where is John Galt? What would Winston Smith do? Why IS the constitution bad?

Then, without warning, just over the horizon I glimpsed the fringes of new strife. Soon I could hear the call to arms. Coming directly toward me at the speed of broadband was … what … could it be true … unfolding on Battlefield Internet a new struggle for freedom was beginning … the War of the Watchdogs.

First blood was drawn by a gallant General, known to patriots as the inimitable Glenn Beck. Saul Alinsky’s arrant knaves speak of him only as the “Faux News Clown”.

On July 31st at 10:31 am, he called upon his 10 million radio and Web followers to be constitutional watchdogs. In effect, he challenged us to resist the destiny of free range human livestock. He boldly asked that we, we who love freedom, become actively vigilant and to report as patriotic keyboard warriors directly to him any violations of the constitution that we discovered.

That same night on his tv show, he again asked us to pick a subject in the news, or right we fear is being lost and follow every story, study it, research it, … to learn all the players. Then, we were to report to him by clicking the link beside the shield on his home page.

It worked. The very next morning, August 1st, one of his soldiers reported about a possible violation on the “cash for clunkers” web site, cars.gov. The web site’s “Privacy Act and Security Statement” stated that by accessing the site your own computer files may be searched by the federal government. Mr. Beck then dutifully reported back to America.

Two days later, the afternoon of August 3rd, due to overwhelming public outrage, the Big Brother Administration removed the onerous wording. Mr. Beck dutifully reported this victory back to America.

A few hours later, the Ministry of Truth posted a video on YouTube urging viewers to “unhear” the words of President Barack Obama and Representative Barney Frank about wanting to implement a single-payer health care system. The speaker in the video, ReCommunications Director Linda Douglass, even showed a link on The Drudge Report to the historical recordings she wanted listeners to “unhear”.

Today, this morning … August 4th, the Big Brother Administration launched a second counter-attack. They posted an article on the official White House web site with the Owellian NewSpeak title Facts Are Stubborn Things.

More specifically, the Big Brother Administration launched the following call to action from their own watchdogs:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

This afternoon, about 2:00 pm, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Rush Limbaugh addressed this counter-attack by the Ministry of Truth and the Big Brother Administration on his radio show.

Less than an hour later, First Lieutenant Adam Bitely of NetRightNation.com urged the freedom-loving watchdogs to counter the counter-watchdog-attack by:

Email that address [flag@whitehouse.gov] reporting Barack Obama for not telling the truth on Health Care. Let’s try and flood that inbox with as many reports about Obama and his minions attempting to deceive the public as possible.

Within minutes, Colonel Eric Odom, of the American Liberty Alliance, sent an email to the hundreds of thousands in their email database reiterating Bitely’s call to action … even more re-enforcement troops!

Whew! It is now 4 pm. What’s next? Will the Big Brother Administration muster an escalated strategy to parry these latest salvos. Who knows; but, the War of the Watchdogs wages on. Surely in the days to come, Battlefield Internet will be abundant with action.

Take (peaceful) action as you deem fit my fellow patriotic keyboard warriors and honorable constitutional watchdogs!!!

And … before I’m erased as an unperson for my oldthink … pass the word … we need more soldiers on the battlefield.
"A little paranoia is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not the putrid nectar of doom and gloom."

(Alexander Pope quote paraphrased for GLP)
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United States
08/05/2009 12:31 AM

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Re: War of the Watchdogs
Yes. Sucky to be the recipient of the "flag" emails that are surely pouring in to the Dear Leader. I suggested earlier that we post "Help Wanted" posters around, saying that "Informants For Obama Is Now Hiring! Send your resume to flag@whitehouse.gov immediately!"
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The virtue of courage is a prerequisite for the practice of all other virtues, because otherwise one is virtuous only when virtue has no cost. There are times when something needs to be done, and yet we know that if we step up and do this needful thing, we will pay a heavy personal price. -C.S. Lewis