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Message Subject was Tupac murdered because he was a threat to the illuminati?
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I found out about this in a whataburger. I have been researching this topic for some time now. Honestly, no one can hide the evidence that had been laid before us. 1. To the person who claims they are of the "illuminati" and Freemasons... They are secret sects. And they would be quick to rid of someone leaking information. 2. You have to look past all the blunt information and dig deep. The bible is a good companion while looking at all this information. The book revelation speaks of all of the "new world order" business. So check it out. I used to have some mixed emotions about tupac cause I am a Biggie fan. But now its beginning to become very obvious. Go watch clips of the 2008 or 2009 MTV music awards the one with the famous kanye bustin out Taylor. The whole show they show nothing but beyonce jay-z pink Taylor and kayne. Whom are all Freemasons. If the illuminati don't run the music industry then why are they all so famous. Ever wondered why beyonce split from destinys child... Why not research it. Those other ladies we just as good as beyonce but you don't see them now... No. So don't believe anything some one says research it for yourself!

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