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Message Subject was Tupac murdered because he was a threat to the illuminati?
Poster Handle Bigamir
Post Content
Yes. The man who killed tupac was apart of the illuminati. That's why he wasn't arrested even though they had evidence against him. The illuminati is a blood line coming from the Egyptian king feron. All the people like the presedents of America the queen of England and many others are included in the illuminati group. If you watch the arrivals it will go in so much detail regarding the illuminati. Why does the American dollar have an Egyptian pyramid with one eye at the back. America has nothing to do with Egypt. If you read the transalation of the Quran which was made thousands and thousands of years ago it will tell you what the illuminati are waiting for, when that time will come and how the one eyed monster That the illuminati worship .will come and when this will end. Tupac also studeyed the Quran in prison so maybe most of his knowledge had come from there.
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