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Message Subject was Tupac murdered because he was a threat to the illuminati?
Poster Handle werrmm74
Post Content
Jup, first he was down with Baphometh (Interscope Illuminatie) but then he had enough off it and turned his back on them. He broke the Illuminatie oath he wanted to free america of the Illuminatie. Tupac in his last interview: "God willin im alive we will have our own political party in the future" . Hip Hop is a voice against the Goverment and the Illuminatie, no wonder why Nas says Hip Hop is dead. And now you see all the rappers supporting Barack Obama, they gave us False Hope.

Its all Game
 Quoting: Haile Menelik

learn how to spell b4 yu try to spit some knowledge of shit yu kno nuthin about DUMBASS
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