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Message Subject was Tupac murdered because he was a threat to the illuminati?
Poster Handle ICE
Post Content
Only Tu Pac and his Congregation know who called the hit! All I can say was that Tu Pac put his Life on the hands of the Devil/ Diablo/ Set when he signed with Deathrow to get out out of the prison. Once he had finished paying off the +/-$2 million that he owed to Suge Knight he decided that he was going to Walk out of the pack with the Devil and start his own Holy label called Makaveli Records and that's when he lost his life and like he always said "No remorse it was meant to happen, there are no miseries you get what you give". It is a blessing that he never sold his Soul just as his rivals (Jay Z, Puffy, etc) in the industry had.

For as long as we talk about him and his music and voice played from LA to Soweto, Queens to Amsterdam his Soul Shall always live On and killuminati!
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