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Message Subject was Tupac murdered because he was a threat to the illuminati?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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right... how do u explain madonna super bowl Illuminati ritual... very well choosing your words wisely. i can read between the lines.peacepeace

My friends and brothers, i would like to clear some things up for you. I am a freemason and illuminati brother and i can help resolve this discussion. First off if you look up illuminati members in history you will find out that our members were actually behind abolishing slavery. Here is a small history lesson so that you may know who the real enemies are. The illuminati and the republicans get an enormous amount of heat when it comes to racism when in fact we are on your side. If you look up the KKK you will find that they were the DEMOCRATES! The DEMOCRATES were the people trying to keep slavery going and the republicans like Abraham Lincoln were they ones who through our teachings in the illuminati were instructed that all men are created equal and that it is wrong to treat anyone like that. It was a high ranking illuminati member who invented the word TOLERANCE! If you want to know were freemasons stand on the matter look up the Prince Hall Masons. Our wonderful constitution of the United states of America were based on freemason constitutions and beliefs. Also it maybe interesting for you to know that we have been persecuted by racist because of our work in trying to bring equal rights to everyone. If you look up WWII you will find that besides the jewish people and people of color Hitler ordered the execution of all FREEMASONS as well. The KKK did get started by some freemasons but as soon as our Order discovered what they were up to the were ALL EXPELLED from the freemasons and have been one of our biggest enemies ever since. Many of our founding fathers were freemasons and Rosicrucian’s and the African and Jamaican Americans have nothing to fear from us and we would welcome all into the brotherhood with open arms. Our orders originated in Egypt and we hold Egypt in a special place in our hearts. Egypt is in Africa and most of our founders were colored and not white. Also there is a huge list of brilliant African American Freemasons including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nat “King” Cole, Don King, Richard Pryor, Sugar Ray, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen, “Duke” Ellington, Jackie Robinson, need I go on? I will even tell you a little secret. Our only mission is to make the world a better place by helping those in need and to stop oppression anywhere it pops up. In conclusion i would like to say my best friend in the world is of Jamaican descent and Tupac used to hang out at there house before he got famous. The day he got his ear pierced he went to their house to show it off to there father who he called pops. If you go to that neighborhood and ask folks about who killed Tupac the all say without a single doubt that it was Suge Knight and that comes from people that were there that night. They did not come forward because they wanted to handle it themselves. I am a huge Tupac fan and i hope the only conspiracy is that he is alive somewhere in hiding laughing at us, but if he is gone then i hope it is heaven smokin a blunt and chillin with god.
p.s. the neighborhood i mentioned is “The Crest” in Vallejo, Ca. I would not go there without someone from the neighborhood being with you. They do not take kindly to strangers.
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