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Message Subject Discuss: the 16th Amendment was not legally ratified: Income Tax illegal
Poster Handle MuzicSoulWorldly
Post Content
This argument is decades old and has failed miserably.

Case closed.

Don't believe me?

Don't pay your taxes and see what happens. If you work for wages or you get paid as an independent contractor, your employer will send you either a W-2 form or 1099-MISC. The IRS receives the same information.

If you owe taxes and don't file a return, the IRS will know it (the IRS computers are programmed for this sort of thing), and you will eventually have to file and pay - with penalties and interest. If you think you can ignore the IRS, you are wrong. The IRS can garnish your wages, place a levy against your bank account and put a lien on your home and other property.

Want to avoid paying taxes? Work under the table and hope you don't get caught. Unfortunately, the chances are you will get caught. I once worked for the IRS and I know what I am talking about.

Now, please, can we all let this issue die.
 Quoting: The Professor 660063

Well even if the Amendment was passed legitmately (and if you really really do your research you will find that the people that had control of things back then had lied about which States had ratified the Amendment or not, and you can see this through their letters and stuff), there is still the problem with there being no law or statue governing the involuntary payment of taxes on the income of your labors. There has been case after case after case where the jury requests to see the law that would clearly show that American citizens are liable to pay income-taxes, and they weren't given the law. There was even one judge that said, "I will not allow the law in my court-room." There have been Supreme Court cases saying that the 16th Amendment granted no new powers of taxation, and since that Supreme Court ruling, that ruling was never over-turned to this very day, which means that their ruling is still in effect today, which means we are not bound by any law to pay income-taxes, unless you have a gain from corporate profits (which is what one of the Supreme Court cases said, that income was defined as gains from corporate profits). With all of these things combined, there should be no doubt whatsoever about the legality of this issue.

There have been tons and tons of I.R.S. agents that had no choice but to resign because they discovered the truth to this scam. Why would there be court-cases where the jury is denied access to the law which would state that the defendants are liable under the law to pay income-taxes? So thus, even if the 16th Amendment was legitimately ratified, there would still have to be laws created to utilize the purpose for the amendment. The 16th Amendment all by itself would mean nothing without actual laws or statutes. If judges and courts cannot produce copies of those laws and/or statues, and also if our petitions to the Federal Government are going un-answered (it is the law that they must answer the citizens' petitions), then don't you think that there is at least something suspiscious going on ?

I mean they claim that the Federal Reserve is actually a public government-agency, but we all know that it is a cartel of private banks around the nation. Think of it this way: Why would the Federal-Government have to BORROW the money from themselves if the Federal Reserve was part of the government ? There would be no borrowing and the charging of interest when borrowing that money because the money would be going from the Federal Reserve (Federal-Government) to the U.S. Treasury (Federal-Government), and there would be no interest whatsoever and we wouldn't be in debt as we are now. The Federal Reserve Banking System is a debt-based system, I mean even though Bill Clinton balanced the budget, our National Debt still increased throughout his presidency, and so it was the same under all of our Presidents since the very inception of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 (which was voted on in the Congress while most of their members were on their Christmas-breaks, because otherwise, it would not have passed through our Congress. Our U.S. Constitution explicitly states that the Congress has the power and the authority to create and distribute the currency for the United States. This would also mean that it would be tax-free and interest-free since we wouldn't be getting the money from any outside banking system, but it would be coming from directly inside of the government itself.

This has been probably the biggest conspiracy against the United States, and I didn't even realize about these simple points until just one year ago. The American public has unfortunately become so indifferent and complacent about the world around them that they don't even recognize simple-tyranny and simple-conspiracy when it's placed right in front of them. Both of our political parties, for 96 years, have been allowing this corrupted system of funding our nation, so it's not just one party or the other. Both parties have had majority-control at many points along the road, and yet we still have this system that can never reverse it's debt until it defaults itself.

We have been in a State-Of-Emergency ever since 1933 when the President declared the emergency (thus granting emergency-powers), and no President since him has yet rescinded the emergency, because that was a requirement for his Executive-Order that established the emergency. The United States is still operating under Emergency-Powers today, which is why they can get away with all of this tyranny and corruption with little or no judicial-powers because they are operating under their emergency-powers.

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