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Message Subject illuminati codes in the simpsons(Dec 10 -25 2009 Terrorist attack dates)
Poster Handle Thinker
Post Content
I saw the 'burns and the bees' episode on the simpsons and suspected that as well. It seems that the company Monsanto seem to be related to alot of these soon to be disasters.
The media is just going to use the head of the company as a scapegoat just like what they did with bernard madoff.

"We will present data in this article on five possible causes which may be killing the honey bees: 1) The hybrid genetically altered plants developed by Monsanto (described below), 2) The possibility that cellphone radio frequencies may be hindering the bees from locating their hives, 3) The possibility of a virus and 4) The possibility that a mite could be infecting the bees. As more details are know we will post them. 5) The possibility of a virus."


"Although experts are stumped about what's causing the colony-collapse disorder die-off in U.S. commercial beehives, there is some speculation that Arizona's famed Africanized -- or "killer bee" -- wild-bee population is somehow immune."


After seeing that movie I am going to start stocking up on honey. Not only does honey last for hundreds of years but I think it will be something to trade with people when everything goes down hill.
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