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Message Subject illuminati codes in the simpsons(Dec 10 -25 2009 Terrorist attack dates)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
O.K., here is the breakdown:

1. Pestilence - approximate dates: Oct 11 - Oct 25 (although it could possibly indicate Nov 12 - Nov 26)

"H1N1 vaccine will mutate the swine flu starting in October"

H1N1 vaccines started being administered in the first half of October. Ukraine outbreak starts on about October 31st. - Check

2. War - approximate dates: Dec 10 - Dec 25

"Begins Dec 10 - 25, 2009"

North Carolina indicated (ONS - Old North State) & no Christmas occurs

3. Famine - approximate date: Dec 31 and on

"Codex Alimentarius Dec 31 and then death"

4. Potential Terrorist Targets (although no date indicated, however might be what triggers the war on Dec 10th?):

Taj Mahal, India

5. Wheat / Barley contamination...no date given...probably this fall into winter

6. Security Tracking / RFID chips - 3/23/10
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