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Message Subject illuminati codes in the simpsons(Dec 10 -25 2009 Terrorist attack dates)
Poster Handle Katara silver
Post Content

We are told in the bible that Satan is (for now) the ruler of this world. But those who follow him will answer for it one day. This Was Your Life...

[link to www.chick.com]
 Quoting: 9teen.47

satan = Poseidon.. theories say satan may have been a large watery planet, but more than likely Venus. who knows really.

you'd think with your bear pics that you'd be some kind of druid.

BTW OP, if you measure every 8 years for Venus going around the Sun, a pentagram is made. this autumn should make it 8 years since 9/11/2001(23)
 Quoting: neteru<>

ive been looking up the venus thing like crazy...please can you explain it? what does it have to do with our discussion ive been trying to look up its relevance. =P
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