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Google - "Hot Videos" on video homepage- Interesting/Peculiar

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United States
08/14/2009 02:24 PM
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Google - "Hot Videos" on video homepage- Interesting/Peculiar
So.. I decided to look for something in particular..

Clicked Google.. clicked "video" section.. opened the "Google Video homepage"...

[link to video.google.com]

On this "google video homepage" is a selection of most-watched videos.. not necessarily "personal interest," mind you, but google-wide popular videos.. "hot videos"...
The personal interest ones are listed under "recommended" btw.. a different category.

And my goodness! what an interesting selection. Here are some examples:

Chet Akins and Les Paul; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Michael Jackson; NAZI UFO Conspiracy; and a documentary on the New World Order- the still-shot looks like Hannity.

So.. seems that we have some interest in some very avant-garde subjects.. things that the sheeple don't always go for.

This might be good news, actually.

bon appetite.

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