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B.C. woman claims laser treatment caused 'beard'

Old Spice
User ID: 145535
08/15/2009 09:15 AM
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B.C. woman claims laser treatment caused 'beard'
A Surrey, B.C., woman says she now has "a beard" after undergoing a series of laser hair-removal procedures, and is seeking damages from the companies that treated her.

Rina Jagpal, 34, has filed a claim in British Columbia's small claims court seeking $25,000 in damages from two Surrey companies, Laser Era and Dream Laser and Skin Care.

Jagpal told CBC News Friday that she went to Laser Era, a clinic in Surrey in April 2006 to have what she called "peach fuzz" removed from her face.

After a series of treatments she said she noticed a disturbing change.

"I noticed thick hair growing in. It just looks like, you know, a beard," said Jagpal.

"I have to wax it every third day," she said.

In her claim, Jagpal said she also has scarring and inflammation induced by the laser treatments.

Dream Laser and Skin Care is named in the claim because Jagpal's laser technician formed that company after leaving Laser Era. Jagpal continued to get treatments from the technician after the move.

None of Jagpal's allegations have been proven in court.
Rina Jagpal claims the dark hair growth below her jaw line was caused by laser treatment.

A spokesperson for Laser Era told CBC News Jagpal had made the claims against the company without proof. She said the company's lawyer would make a statement in coming days.

The technician who treated Jagpal has filed a counterclaim in small claims court against her for alleged damage to her reputation.

Technicians doing laser treatment do not have to be certified in B.C., according to Dr. Harvey Lui, director of the Skin Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital.

Anyone can purchase laser hair removal equipment and start treating people, said Lui.

"If I do the procedure there are more rules that I have to follow," he said.

[link to www.cbc.ca]