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Message Subject Florida Power & Light seek 31% rate hike.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shut my old account down for no apparent reason, They lie constantly about shit,turn the power on my new account without even paying a deposit to try to cover their asses for being liars. Since the smart meter has been installed my bill has gone up 200 and our power surges ATLEAST once a day since. Then they send out a news letter to everyone which states that everyone should get surge protectors from FPL because surges cost you money .

-Also when I Opened my new account on the same day charged me for 28 days of service that I didn't use and the account didnt even exist at the time and I was still using my other account at that time. Doesn't make since.

Right now they have 1000 in my deposit money .
My orginal deposit was 500 .
Hope I can see that back again but I doubt it .
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