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Rockfishes belong to a society of papal knights who rule world fascism. There are other families. These families own these teams.

It isn't about who "wins". All sides are controlled from affirmative action draft pick to popularize demographics and other political agendas. This is how Obama was so popular, due to "pop culture."

You, op, need to get you fat couch potatoe ass up and quit worshipping the football idol or you will worship it to hell. It distracts from the Christian message with 500 channels of owned bs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 753898

I lol'ed at the last thing you said...you don't know me, yet you tell me what to do...I don't "worship" the "football idol"...I just follow the NFL...and make a few bucks off it...

and what christian message are you talking about exactly? I've come to the conclusion christianity is BS, along with the other religions...I'm leaning towards the whole collective consciousness way of looking at things...

you didn't have to call me a fat couch potato(e) you jerko! hah
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