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dude...I was the world's biggest sports fanatic, especially NFL football. I was a HUGE Kansas City Chiefs fan and took my daughter to their road games whenever they came near us. I had the NFL Sunday Ticket just to watch the Chiefs in Florida and hosted football parties on Football Sunday. As you know, Football Sunday is (was) a ritual where you have a huge layout of food and drinks (mostly alcoholic). The day stated as soon as I woke up, deciding which Chiefs jersy I would wear (I have 5 of them, both home and away). Then I'd double check my fantasy football lineups (played in two leagues at $100 per entry) and would click on ESPN to get the latest on the injuries and last-minute starters, hoping to snag a gem in the rough before anyone else in my fantasy leagues. I even wrote a blog on The Sporting News regarding each week's sleepers and had a large following. You end up watching all of the pregames, the 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00 games, then watch all of the highlights again on NFL live. The day starts around 8am on Sunday and ends around 1am the following day.

A few years ago, I watched "The Secret" which is basically about the Law of Attraction (LoA). That was the last weekend that I watched a full game of ANY sport. You'll find out that there are SO many things more important in life other than football. To me, football provided an outlet to blind me from the BULLSHIT that was going on in the world and I'm grateful for it. But now, there are so many other things in life that are more important than football, such as going out and doing something....ANYTHING other than to be hypnotized and brainwashed by the mainstream media.

I live in a condo where cable TV is packaged into our condo fees. My TV's are unplugged, even though I have free cable.

Live life, bro, and don't turn back!!! In the end, your love for football will get you nowhere.
 Quoting: maya2012

Damn...sounds like me...a teacher in 10th grade showed our class the secret. I payed attention, but this was before I became aware of the lies around us, maybe I should watch it again.

This really sucks. I've decided if this shit happens in October like a bunch of you guys predict, I'll fully buy into the whole NWO illuminati thing. But I'm starting college tomorrow and reading about all this messed up shit is messing with me. I don't know what or who to believe.

How did the secret change the way you felt about sports though...i don't get it.
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