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I lol'ed at the last thing you said...you don't know me, yet you tell me what to do...I don't "worship" the "football idol"...I just follow the NFL...and make a few bucks off it...

and what christian message are you talking about exactly? I've come to the conclusion christianity is BS, along with the other religions...I'm leaning towards the whole collective consciousness way of looking at things...

you didn't have to call me a fat couch potato(e) you jerko! hah
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 754369

Look im not trying to judge but THAT IS EXAXTLY WHAT THE illuminati/ rokerfluckers and CFR wants man, its all realated and its all connected, They want us all to eventually get with thier satanic "new age" religion and thats what the whole collective consciousness way of looking at things is all derived from and built on. start to look into it. Alice bailey is a good place to start, it goes back to lucifer and also is designed to merge (when they see fit) with the ideas and thoughts of freemasonry. In fact when they feel the time is right freemasonry will be used to help propel the "new age" to the same global community they hope to run with global government, and the "new age" collective consciousness way of looking at things will be the global religion. ITs all laid out and documented if you search for it, coming FROM THEM. check out the luciferic initiation which they plan to have everyone in the world take before they can enter the "new age". Its deep but you will be better for once you seek the truth about it.

God bless you, and the guy who called you a couch potatoe was out of line.
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