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I'll just say this, and allow you to formulate your own truth.

When did the New England Patriots...(PATRIOTS)...become dominant over the league winning 3 Superbowls ?

Right after 911.

Right after the Patriot act was implemented.
During a war on Terror and a religous Crusade because Bush said, "His God said we would be victorious".

Fast Forward....

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

The leagues most lousiest team, the New Orleans AINTS, amidst the devastation and tragic loss of Katrina, from the ashes the Phoenix rose.

Have you all forgotten at one point the AINTS were 1-15 ?

Add Drew Breese, and Reggie Bush, and presto....Mr. Clutch Brett Favre fumbles a ball away on a scoring drive that would have sent Minnesota to the SuperBowl, yet instead sends New orleans.

America goes wild !
The chants of USA...USA start back amidst the dissention.

The human spirit once again triumphs in the face of insurmountable adversity.

All is well in the kingdom again...at least until the next false flag.

If this sounds like a Hollywood script, it aint...this was mass programming.

Why the fuck do you think they call call it TV Programs ?
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