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Message Subject Scrump's News Letter: The Madmen That Control "Our" Government (From my email newsletter, Thanks GLP)
Poster Handle User # 78/68
Post Content
And you get judged for your words. Christians, (like you just did), are dividers. The vast majority of Muslims are NOT blood-thirsty, OR savages. They are just people on the other side of the world who you have learned not to trust and they are following their own version of the God you think you love.

They have children they love ... they go fishing like us ... they go on picnics like us ... they go to their version of organized religion, just like YOU do. And I think they are as brainwashed as you, my friend.

From my perspective, it is the Christians, like yourself, that are the wack-jobs and the bloodthirsty ones. (maybe a little harsh ... but leaving it in)

It is the religious elite that try and seperate us ... you are a perfect example!

Yeah, sure, I'm a religious elite alright....fail!

And no, I do not belong to ANY organized religion, nor do I attend a brick and mortar building, nor do I listen to the talking heads that you say divide.

I've learned about Islam and Muslims from READING, RESEARCH, and from personal experience (about how segregated they've made themselves). I've even attempted to befriend a Muslim family, NEVER bringing my beliefs into it verbally. Infact, the mother would allow her daughter to eat supper over at our home because she knew we did not eat pork. She and her daughter took it for granted that we would feed the young girl, as every night the girl was on the doorstep. But as soon as supper was done, the mother was there to take her daughter home. She would not even say thank you (even after about 90 meals), but I just shrugged that off. Her daughter couldn't come spend the night, nor play in our home, although she was allowed to eat in our home. The mother wouldn't talk to me, even though she was here while her husband was still in Ethiopia. She was pregnant with twins when she arrived, had them, and was all alone, but wanted no contact with anyone that wasn't Muslim.

And sorry, I'm not bloodthirsty, but believe what you want. I do not support or condone war, and fyi, I go out of my way not to harm others. Infact, I'll suffer if it means someone else doesn't.

But remain in your ignorant paradigm, I'll just know that in the future, to expect your slander and hostility.


You are a perfect example of how the religious elite has seperated you ... you are NOT religious elite (my bad).

You use one little girls story to prove your pathetic point? Amazing!

The muslim lady you so don't trust has every right in the world not to trust you or anybody where she lives. It's called survival, and YOU are teaching them right now, why not. They fear us, partially because our supposedly Christian leaders were crusading against them. What would you do with your daughter on their side of the world?

I have seen far too many Christains in my life preach fear, and talk the talk ... and never do I see them walk the walk.

Sorry Scrump, I did not intend to have your thread hi-jacked, so I'll close my argument with the poster 78/68 by saying that apparently the mother trusted me enough to feed her daughter every night, and to even come to my door to pick her daughter up. I know damn well I wouldn't let my children eat at a home where I did not trust the family.

And no, I've met many Muslims who segregate themselves just the same, and fyi, Bush & Co. weren't in office when this occurred, Clinton was.

And regardless how they view me or think of me, I still try to befriend them, and will continue to try. So go ahead and feel superior in your agnostic or atheist ways, but leave the rest of us alone. I do not preach fear, but total love and devotion, as well as virtue and morality.

And it's a proven historical precedent that they do NOT acclimate to their new countries and cherish our ways, but instead, when their numbers get big enough, they start demanding that we accommodate their culture and let them Islamacize our nation according to their ways.
 Quoting: *~*Faithful*~*

Unbelievable ... you can't see around yourself ... so typical of "Christians".

Maybe this mother was giving her daughter some western influence and teaching her things without giving her daughter's security away. She only trusted you so much. She was probably being a good mother by letting her daughter eat at your place, but that's all she could do thinking about her daughter's security in your neighbourhood. Her mother should not have even let her daughter eat at your place by the sound of YOUR words. Put yourself in the other mother's hands ... if you can even do this.

And, they don't want to Islamacize our nation any more than the "Christians" want to Christianize it. Afterall, if we are a melting pot, this is what you get. They have the same rights as we do ... imagine that?

They are people ... just like YOU!
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