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HEY! Have you heard? BO is reappointing helicopter Ben!

LuckyLuciano said...
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08/25/2009 12:57 PM
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HEY! Have you heard? BO is reappointing helicopter Ben!
(LuckyLuciano said... People are declaring the financial crisis over, although it has yet to even start. Believe me, everything that has happened so far is nothing compared to what is to come.)

Have you heard? Washington Post is reporting... President Obama plans to nominate Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke to another term Tuesday morning, White House officials confirmed Monday night, ending speculation about the fate of the nation's top banker. Bernanke was chosen by former president George W. Bush to succeed Alan Greenspan and has headed the central bank since early 2006. As the Fed chairman, he has helped guide the nation through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. As president, Obama has largely followed Bernanke's response to the crisis, fashioning a bank bailout and stimulus plan that extended the efforts of Bernanke and the Bush administration. Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve must make public reports about recipients of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers under programs created to address the financial crisis, a federal judge ruled. This is in relation to a lawsuit filed by Bloomberg LP against the Federal...

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