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Message Subject Meet your new Green Czar/Dictator (Apollo Alliance & Color of Change) and GPS in every car?
Poster Handle Mr. Whitey
Post Content
I guess I'm just enraged that Obama is making such a ridiculous mockery of our great nation. This new gang-banging thug Czar is just one prime example. This radical couldn't qualify to work ANY job most people have had throughout their entire adult life, yet there he is, the new Green Czar.

If this shit keeps going, there will be so many crazy laws passed and so many massive, ludicrous fines put on every American via this "Green" sham.

If people understood what was coming via this new Green scam, they'd go absolutely berserk. They will massively tax just about everything under the cover of the Green initiative. It's like a bad horror movie. I can't believe what I'm seeing every time I turn on the TV now. Yet, it continues to unfold...

Of course, there are the lemmings(ACORN), waddling happily to their demise, blissfully singing the praises of their new Overlord whom they still know nothing about, other than the fact he's a slick talker and is not even capable of voting yes or no as a senator.

Maybe Fitty Cent can be Vice Pres.

I think I need to start drinking heavily...
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