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Message Subject Meet your new Green Czar/Dictator (Apollo Alliance & Color of Change) and GPS in every car?
Poster Handle Mr. Whitey
Post Content
I wonder how bad it would have to be for their clown to get impeached? He's gone back on just about everything he's promised. That's one thing that's started to cross my mind as things have gotten more and more bizarre.

If he makes it to the next election, we'd better damn well have some GOOD and solid candidates to choose from. That's a big deal. We need straight and righteous people who will uphold the true intent of our framers.

If we could get one in, I'd be willing to bet he fires every single Czar on the list. I damn sure would. I'd flush the toilet and replace the crooks with the best people I could find. They wouldn't have to be superstars to make a radical difference, just the intent to act in good faith. Imagine that... people actually acting in good faith to serve their country in positions of power.
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