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The Coming Swine Flu Recession <-- BS to cover collapse

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United States
08/26/2009 03:28 PM
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The Coming Swine Flu Recession <-- BS to cover collapse
AOL has a news story headlining right now about this recession we are going into because of the Swine Flu.

Coming Swine Flu Recession

Quote: The global recession is nearing an end,1rof1 if news out of a recent gathering of the world’s top central bankers and economists is right. GDP growth should begin in the latter part of this year if it is not underway in most countries already.

There has been a sense of relief in the last few weeks that the recession and human misery that attend it are not going to get worse and become a multi-year depression. The possibility of that happening seems over.1rof1

Global businesses and financial institutions did all that they could to save themselves and the world from financial devastation. Now they are being told that something they cannot control and have not prepared for may crush all of their efforts, dragging the economy to a place that will be worse than where the world was at the depth of the recent recession.

but now we have the Swine Flu that is going to cause banks and businesses to close.


Did you see this? TN Preparing Banks For Holiday, H1N1 Swine Flu used as Bank Holiday excuse?

Quote: This bulletin shall serve as notice that no specific prior approval from the Department is required for Tennessee state-chartered banks to be closed more than two consecutive business days should a Tennessee state-chartered bank, in its discretion, determine it is necessary to temporarily close the bank or an office of the bank in accordance with TCA §45-2-603 and §45-2-604, pursuant to an H1N1 outbreak or similar disaster.
entire article here:
[link to www.tennessee.gov]

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"Fear is the mind killer" ~ Bene Gesserit

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United States
08/26/2009 04:28 PM
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Re: The Coming Swine Flu Recession <-- BS to cover collapse
yes it's obvious, that the economic situation is going to get worse, and they need a cover..

this will be the cover...