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Message Subject Very interesting research on Islam-Mahdi-Antichrist & The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle WatchmanOntheWall
Post Content
Coincidence that Obama's vacation started on the first day of Ramadan?
He's muslim there needs to more proof, this usurper and traitor has deceived this nation to ignorance hopefully more will awake from their slumber.

Yes, the Obama-nation is a closet Muslim, and being such, must make excuses to celebrate their holy days in secret.

How ironic isn't it, everything about his personal life is hidden I mean geez prove the BC and get it over with. But we know he spent millions to hide it, this man is a usurper!

No doubt. And thanks for the article from Graham as well.

There is much I dislike and distrust about Obama, said so from the moment he announced he was considering running for president. I've been very vocal about it, and screamed from the rooftop warning others. Just recently many of them started to wake from their slumber, some I doubt will ever wake up.
 Quoting: *~*Faithful*~*

Your welcome Faithful. I felt the same way about Obama I knew there was just something so sinister about this guy before he was elected and everyone of his mentors and advisors are scum.
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