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Message Subject Very interesting research on Islam-Mahdi-Antichrist & The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this thread is nothing but BS go on against Islam but whatever you say wont change the fact that Islam is right path to the only truth ,2000 years back from now there were much haters and stronger unbelievers than yourselves,but Allah is almighty the stronger ,the first and the last is capable of protecting his words and his believers.

Where in the Quran is the Mahdi spoken of?

it's not in Quraan, the Mahdi story came through prophet Mohamed's (pbuh) Hadeith

So it is not inspired by Allah, but written by man.

It's fiction.

may be it's fiction for you ,but for who believes in Allah is not at all abecause he knows that Quraan and Hadeith are the two faces of the same coin .


Surah 31:2-6
Surah 7:3

The Quran is complete, fully detailed, an explanation of all things. Surah 12:111
You follow the teachings of man, making it equal with the Word of Allah.
That's associating partners to Allah.
You are calling Allah a liar by following outside of the Quran.
Surah 14:30

i ask the forgiveness of Allah that i didn't know about it ,that's only my ignorance .

Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
Read in the name of Allah. Surah 92:1
The Quran is easy to read and comprehend. Surah 22:14
Read the Quran. It explains all we need to know.
Asalamylakum, akhi.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 757896

Yes i'm sure of that Akhi, Quraan explains everything, it's only my mistake , i wish those people know it and see the truth.
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