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Message Subject Very interesting research on Islam-Mahdi-Antichrist & The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this thread is nothing but BS go on against Islam but whatever you say wont change the fact that Islam is right path to the only truth ,2000 years back from now there were much haters and stronger unbelievers than yourselves,but Allah is almighty the stronger ,the first and the last is capable of protecting his words and his believers.

Where in the Quran is the Mahdi spoken of?

it's not in Quraan, the Mahdi story came through prophet Mohamed's (pbuh) Hadeith

So it is not inspired by Allah, but written by man.

It's fiction.

may be it's fiction for you ,but for who believes in Allah is not at all abecause he knows that Quraan and Hadeith are the two faces of the same coin .


Surah 31:2-6
Surah 7:3

The Quran is complete, fully detailed, an explanation of all things. Surah 12:111
You follow the teachings of man, making it equal with the Word of Allah.
That's associating partners to Allah.
You are calling Allah a liar by following outside of the Quran.
Surah 14:30

iwould die before making associating partners to Allah , but following prophet Mohamed (pbuh) teachings and Hadeith is not associating parteners to Allah because the right moslem must believe in Quraan and right Hadeith (Sonnah) Everything is in Quraan but sometimes you need extra explaination to understand and some stories in quraan was came in Hadeith with more details, and from where we know as Moslems that we shoul pray Five times a day but from Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 755722

Show me in the hadith how to pray, including the phrases for each prayer, times, names, positions.

You can't because it's not in the hadiths. Look and find out for yourself.

You should ask the Jews. Because you are praying 5 times a day, just like they do. You are going through the same motions, just like they do.

Look up the book "To Pray As A Jew" by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin and you will see they get their method of prayer from Orah Hayim and Mishnah Berurah, part of the Talmud.

The Talmud are written tradtions of Moses (pbuh). Isa (pbuh) condemned them in Injeel remnants we possess.

Even the false messenger Rashad Khalifa uses this example of prayer, yet his own Quran (which he took 2 ayats out of) doesn't teach this ritual prayer nor the times.

Ablution is found in the Quran and Torah. This ritual prayer of the Jews and Muslims is not.

We are shown many examples of prayer in the Quran. Allah wants us to pray from our heart, not in a ritual fashion.

Examples of prayer:
Surah 1:1-7, 3:8, 5:83, 2:286, 3:191-194, 7:23,155-156, 11:47, 21:87, 23:97-98,118, 28:16, 40:7-9, 59:10, 71:28, 113 (all), 114 (all), 3:193, 7:47, 12:101, 2:250,286, 3:147, 2:201, 7:156, 17:80, 18:10, 20:25-28, 3:38, 14:40-41, 25:74, 46:15, 14:41, 59:10, 71:28, 4:75, 7:126, 10:85-86, 60:5, 21:83,87-88, 54:10, 11:41, 23:29, 20:114, 27:19, 46:15, 2:12

Look also to Zoroastrianism to see the Magian influence on Islamic-hadith prayer as well.

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