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Message Subject Very interesting research on Islam-Mahdi-Antichrist & The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Thirteen Visions
by Mark Alan Sunderman

The predictions in the following Thirteen Visions will occur over a 12 year, 42 week period. [666 weeks]

The test for prophecy is 100% accuracy! Anything less is a guess.

The following visions came to me on October 17, 2004.

I proclaim these visions to you!

Vision One:
A charismatic Islamic leader shall take the Arabian nation by force. He will execute some and pardon others of the royal family. He shall be called by the name of Nasser. He will cut off oil supplies to the United States. He will sell all of Arabia's United States government bonds and securities. He will sell all of Arabia's investments of land and equities in the United States. He will persuade other Moslem nations to adopt his policies toward the United States.

The United States will suffer a great depression. Americans will starve in the streets of her cities. Nasser will form an Islamic Confederation with other Moslem countries. The city of Baghdad will be completely destroyed to the ground. Not a brick or a blade of grass will survive!

Vision Two:
A Jew will rise to power and lead the German nation. He will be assassinated. He will be blessed on his death bed by the newly elected Roman Pontiff. He will miraculously survive. He will become the most popular world leader. He will rebuild the German army. He will lead the European Union. He and the new Roman Pontiff will become political allies. The new Roman Pontiff shall have great power with the Jew.

Vision Three:
A nationalistic leader will rise to power in Russia. He will build Russia into a world super power. He will fear the rebuilt German army. He will cooperate closely with the Jewish leader of the European Union.

Vision Four:
A New World Order shall arise: China will occupy Taiwan and Korea and will sign a security agreement with Japan. Russia will become a world super power with China and the European Union. The European Union will share super power status with Russia and China. The Islamic Confederation will form a loose confederation of Islamic nations. The United States will no longer be a world super power.

Vision Five:
The Jew leader of the European Union will cause Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate. The nation of Palestine will be created by a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. The Jew leader will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Israel and the Palestinians will live in peace. Jerusalem will be the capital city of both Israel and Palestine.
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