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Message Subject Very interesting research on Islam-Mahdi-Antichrist & The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle *~*Faithful*~*
Post Content
From another source:
I have the following book on order. The second one down the linked page. Some of you might have an interest in it as well.

[link to www.prophecynewswatch.com]

Antichrist - Islam's Awaited Messiah

A fascinating study and comparison of the end-time beliefs of the World's two largest religions. Through this groundbreaking examination of both Islamic and biblical prophecy, a frightening picture of a very possible future emerges. Discover the startling similarities between the biblical Antichrist and Islam's Messiah figure known as Imam al-Mahdi.. A must read for anyone who wishes to better understand Islam, Bible prophecy or the spiritual factors and the underlying forces driving the present early stages of what may indeed be the final clash of ideologies and civilizations.

1. Part One: Introduction to Islamic Eschatology and Doctrine Why This Book? Waking Up to The Islamic Revival
2. The Sacred Texts of Islam
3. Islamic Eschatology
4. The Mahdi: Islam's Awaited Messiah
5. Comparing The Biblical Antichrist and The Mahdi
6. The Muslim Jesus
7. Comparing The False Prophet and the Muslim Jesus
8. The Dajjal: Islam's Antichrist
9. Comparing The Biblical Jesus and The Dajjal
10. The Revived Islamic Empire of The Antichrist
11. The Dark Nature of Muhammad's Revelations
12. The Antichrist Spirit of Islam
13. Islam's Ancient Hatred for The Jews
14. End-Time Martyrdom and Islam's Practice of Beheading
15. Jihad and Islam's Goal of World Domination
16. Understanding Dishonesty and Deceit in Islam
17. The Great Apostasy, Terror, and Islam's Conversion Rates
18. A Summary of Comparisons Between The Islamic and Biblical Narrative of The End Times

Part Two: Further Analysis
19. Potential Problems with the Thesis
20. Further Thoughts

Part Three: How Should We Respond?
21. Responding with Prayer
22. Responding with Outreach
23. Preparing for Martyrdom

276 pages by Joel Richardson

Read this book:
The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson
[link to www.scribd.com]
 Quoting: WatchmanOntheWall

A great post, tons of information, and thanks for the link to the book, it sounds like an intriguing read.

I've considered for a long time that Islam is the false religion spoken of in Revelation. I've also considered that socialism/communism is the end time political system (the beast governing system) that rules over the entire world, with a monarchy in place in each of the 7 continents (mountains/land formations).
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