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Message Subject Congressmen are speaking up! Sen.Inhofe: U.S. Headed Toward Revolution
Poster Handle Only Me
Post Content
I promise you that even if Senator Inhofe had that kind of time to actually read that 1,000 pages of poo, he wouldn't even have to ask his constituents how they feel about it.

No WAY he'll ever go for something like this! That's why he is where he is. We love our senators. At least I do.

I can't tell you all how many, many times I have been so proud of them both. Really.

They both against bailouts, Cap and Trade, Public Option, anti-gun laws, anything big gov't. Illegal aliens hate it here because our laws run them the fuck off.

And he is right. We can do all of this OURSELVES!

We don't need that long legged mac daddy! (giggle)

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