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Message Subject Congressmen are speaking up! Sen.Inhofe: U.S. Headed Toward Revolution
Poster Handle WatchmanOntheWall
Post Content
9 Trillion Obama has spent in 6 months!

Obama's Spending Spree, Budget Numbers "Have All Gone Mad," Analyst Says

Posted Aug 27, 2009 09:00am EDT by Heesun Wee in Investing, Products and Trends, Recession, Autos, Housing
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When retail expert and all-around economy watcher Howard Davidowitz appeared on Tech Ticker in February declaring the worst was yet to come for the U.S. economy and that Americans' standard of living has changed permanently, our comment boards lit up.

But surely with the latest rally off the March lows, bearish Davidowitz is more bullish, right? Not a chance. Look at your financial history books.

Two of the biggest rallies of more than 40 percent occurred during the Great Depression, says Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates,a retail consulting and investment banking firm. "People were sucked in and ultimately were destroyed," he says. It's a warning to today's investors, who are hoping to extend the rally.

Don't get Davidowitz started on the economy or fundamentals. "Barack Obama's numbers have all gone mad," Davidowitz says. The Obama administration recently announced the U.S. budget deficit will be $9 trillion during the next decade; $2 trillion higher than the original forecast.

And, the proposed price tag for health-care reform? "Minimum $3 trillion," Davidowitz says. "One trillion? Are you kidding?"

Stimulus binges? Roller coaster equity performance over years? Stubborn consumers holding out for sales as deflationary pressures loom over the recovery? Sounds like the U.S. economy is turning Japanese, Davidowitz says.

Watch the video click on link:
[link to finance.yahoo.com]

Opp's remember this is the "bill" the Republican's left us from their reign of fiscal terror, and not saying that dems helped with it... time to try out some new parties and faces...thank God the last Kennedy is gone!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 667270

I agree the Rep. and Dems have totally lost all morals and are destroying this nation.
But we are all guilty for being the sheeple we are.
Put no trust in man but only in the Lord.
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