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Message Subject Congressmen are speaking up! Sen.Inhofe: U.S. Headed Toward Revolution
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Govt. creates the economic crisis to bring in the NWO.
Obama became president w/o proof of birth certificate etc...

Obama creates czars destroying small businesses

Barack Obama- "I believe we can create a kingdom right here on earth."

crazy libs and Obots believes in CHANGE and thinks he is the messiah or savior

Oprah believes "He's the one"

Louis Farrakhan "When the messiah speaks you will listen"

Henry Kissinger

"We the People of the U.S."
tea party protesters
Town Hall protesters
U.S. citizens uprise with voice and say Enough, we do not want to become a Nazi/Commi/Socialist/Fascist/etc..Govt. or be a part of the NWO/One World Govt.

The American people take a stand with their voice.

TPTB Solution
Mass depopulation
John Holdren- abortions are a priority
man made military lab flu(swine flu)
threatening forced vaccinations
ban law on guns
Obama and his administration trying to force the death care bill
control your money
Fairness Doctrine-censoring the media for their biased agenda
Threatening our freedom of speech

The list continues....
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