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RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?

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United States
08/31/2009 12:27 PM
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RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?
I have learned so many things about Hercolobus, but I ask then my self how are the RACE then divided, could some one help me alsos to understand.

I do understand that each SON in his Dimensions support each Group as i see. We must understand every thing must be maintained by a system.

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti Races.

Harmonic Universe/Dimensions Density Level Biology
Terrestrial Races
1) HU-1 / D-1,2,3 Physical Matter Density Carbon Based Biology
Extra-Terrestrial Races
2) HU-2 / D-4,5,6 Physical-Etheric Matter Density Carbon-Silica Based Biology
3) HU-3 / D-7,8,9 Etheric Matter Density Crystalline-Silica Based Biology
Meta-Terrestrial Races
4) HU-4 / D-10,11,12 Pre-matter Density Crystalline-Liquid-Light Based Biology
5) HU-5 / D-13,14,15 Ante-matter Density Crystalline-Light-Radiation Based Biology
Ultra-Terrestrial Races
6) Energy Matrix (3 Levels) Non-matter Density Pure Sentient Consciousness

Elohei, Lyran-Anuhazi, Sirian-Azurite, Oraphin Emerald Order Cloister 48 Strands Emerald Sun

Elohei, Lyran-Anuhazi, Sirian-Azurite, Oraphin, Adami-Kudmon Cloister Human 24-30 Strands Double Diamond Sun

Seraphei Avian, Insect, Reptilian, Ceres, Serres, Cloister Human Hybrid 12 Strands Diamond Sun

Fallen Angelic Races (See: Intruders)
Elohim-Anunnaki Seed, Templar, Nephite, Beli-Kudyem, Nephilim-Anunnaki, Metatronic, Pleidian-Nibiruian Cloister, Human Hybrid 9-11 Strands Ruby and Belil Sun

Seraphin, Orion Drakon + Anunnaki, Azriel, Dracos, Zephilium-Zeta, Nephedem, Kurendara, Necromiton, Illuminati Human Hybrid, Reptilian, Avian, Insect Lines 2-10 Strands Black Sun

User ID: 756748
08/31/2009 12:31 PM
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Re: RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?
Why ask questions, your making it up as you go along. I would like a picture of it, and Tylo, preferably from Hubble.
Rwederfoort (OP)

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United States
08/31/2009 12:31 PM
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Re: RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?
Look at all the CYCLES, do your home work as I am doing,

Celestial Mechanics
1. Earth has four seasons
2. Our Planet rotates around the sun in 365 Days
3. Terrestrial Year has four seasons (spring Summer Fall and winter)
4. Sideral Year
5. Journey of our Solar System around the zodiacal Belt.
6. Sideral year Season : Golden Age, Silver age, Copper Age, Iron Age
sidereal year sidereal year lasts 25,68 years
Earth stays within each constellation for 2164 years before
During its life-span over the course of one sidereal year, a root race undergoes four seasons, or ages: a Golden, Silver, Copper, and Iron Age
Rwederfoort (OP)

User ID: 754866
United States
08/31/2009 12:40 PM
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Re: RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?
But I am against those you hide the information, I would Love to see how it approaches ,and to prepare for it, and see how it happens,

Its nice to see and experience it.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 751283
United States
08/31/2009 12:57 PM
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Re: RACES / Harmonic Universe,Dimension, Density level, Biology ?
Hayes = Haze = Smokescreen.

Anna's 15 dimensional model is wrong, 5 harmonic universes / time matrix inside of an energy matrix.

The woman's real name is Katie Teague, she has had to change her name multiple times.

In the Multiple Universal Cosmological Model based on the Seed of Life & 144,000 Faceted Core - there are 6 universes and 36 dimensions ...

Beware, of her & her work - energetics that do not have the highest interests of the majority can operate through highly advanced information as a smokescreen.

Not saying that there isn't some value in the description of 'keylontic morphogenetic science'; but not even annas model is the whole picture.

I know her personally, as well.

[link to www.azuritepress.com]
[link to www.keylonticdictionary.org]


A dream had by a woman who wished to have this published anonymously.

THE EXPERIENCE - October 11, 2000

I was taken by a being of light, along with a friend of mine to see a woman who was sleeping in a bed. We were near the ocean. I could smell the sea water on the wind.

I had no idea who the woman was. She was laying in a bed. Her hair was long and blonde and kinda curly.

She did not know we were there. She was sleeping.

My friend and I were nervous. We knew we were about to see something connected to this woman that was not pleasant. When we got closer, a demon of sorts appeared, crouching on the headboard of her bed.

He was very ugly. He had sharp pointed joints and sat on the headboard like a frog and gave off a strong feeling of EVIL. He was covering the woman with his evil energy.

I looked at the woman and suddenly knew her name was "Anna Hayes". I've never met this woman, but I am sure she is a real live person.

The demon told me and my friend in no uncertain terms to leave. He said that we were interfering with his plan for this woman. He didn't want us there. My friend grabbed my arm in fear. We were both very afraid of this evil bing. It was clear he was strongly evil and dangerous.

I asked him why he was with this woman. He said that she was working for hi, helping him; that she was working to OPEN THE 5TH HORN THAT WOULD RELEASE THE BEINGS WHICH ARE LIKE GRASSHOPPERS ONTO THE WORLD OF MAN. When he said this, I saw in my mind's eye a VERY VERY clear vision of strange beings that looked very much like grasshoppers in the front, but had tails like scorpions.

He said that she was working hard for him to help him bring about this time and we were interfering and he didn't like it. My friend asked, "what about the truth?" He answered, "Don't you know that we know what the truth is too?"

I asked him who he was, and he said his name was BELIAL.

Not having a great history of knowledge from the Bible, I didn't recognize the name, but my friend did. She squeezed my arm harder. I could tell she was very afraid. As I was too. My friend cried out "Oh Jesus!!!!!!!!" and then started to pray. It was something like the `Lord's Prayer'.

Then the scene suddenly changed. Now my friend and I were standing in a pitch dark stark blackness. The being named Belial was standing several yards in front of us. His body was lit up brightly so we could see him clearly, yet there were no beams of light around him. He talked about how the "grasshopper beings" would be released when this woman named Anna Hayes opened the gate for them. He said she is working towards doing that now.

He started to come toward us, saying again that we were interfering with this and he was angry about it. I thought quickly about how my light-being guides have told me to repel evil beings.

They said to project a feeling of total and unconditional love towards the evil being and t would scare it away. I asked my guides for help, and was overcome with a strong feeling of pity and love for this being called Belial. I felt like he needed my pity and love because he had a hard life without love and needed a hug. At the same time, I was terrified and shaking.

But somehow the sense of the love I projected towards him made him uncomfortable. Soon he started to yell and he ran away.

My friend and I then were transformed out of the darkness and back into the light.

When I came to out of the experience, I wrote everything down that I could about what happened. I never met this woman named Anna Hayes, but she is surely working for the purest of Evil, even if she doesn't know it herself.

I know in my heart that this experience really happened. I have no doubt that there is really a person named Anna Hayes who is working on opening some kind of doorway or portal to some other existence. I don't know if she knows what she is really doing. I can only assume, based on my love of mankind, that she is dreadfully misled by this dark demon.

If anyone knows who she is, I implore you to be careful of her and not to aid in her efforts to bring these evil beings thru this gateway to destroy man. And if you are a friend of hers, and you know evil is not her intent, then please help her see that there is evil around her, influencing her actions.

When I returned to my home, I called my friend. She knew the name Belial from the Bible. If you do not, please look it up and you will see why I feel so strongly about this.

My friend quickly realized what this all meant. Having a background in Bible studies, she recognized the name and what the 5th horn was. She looked it up in the Book of Revelation.

The 5th horn.. Or 5th Trumpet (in Chapter 9 Verse 1) it says will open a pit and releases the locusts (grasshoppers) with the powers of scorpions.

This was too much coincidence.

People, there is danger here!! There is something going on we cannot turn our backs on.

I need to know the truth. Indeed WE ALL NEED to know the truth. In all truth if this woman Anna Hayes is working towards opening gates, she must not be aided in her efforts to bring about the sounding of the 5th horn. (Or trumpets as the Bible states)

I must add one last note. I do not know why this was told to me, but I feel it is the true name of the person I was shown as aiding in the blowing the 5th trumpet. (either willingly or by trickery)

God Save her soul..God Save us all!!!


and beware of Supriem & Wes Penre's effort, they are using her effort as a reference.

[link to servicetoone.wordpress.com]