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Message Subject The World is going through a massive DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, but it will be ending soon.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I too went through the process, and it wasn't very pleasant at all. My point is that I made it out and I changed. And just the silliest thing is that I believe my cat dragged me out, lol lol.....

Everything has changed for me. Good things, bad things, no longer guide me through extremes of emotion. Groundedness and the knowing that it's all good has replaced stuff nowadays. Extreme satisfaction that my preaching to my kids has shone through and they're the most honourable and grounded adults I know makes me very happy.

Simple simple pleasures move me to tears now. It's snowing like a son of a gun today, and I took the time to drive on back roads to the bakery to buy hot bread. It was a joyous moment to smell the delicious bread smell and drive in such beautiful scenery. I did not appreciate this stuff before.

I also want to comment on SOON. Oh, I used to rail at the Universe for inventing the word soon. Everything always seemed to be coming soon.

I'm no longer annoyed by the word. Soon actually does mean soon to me. Time is now my friend it would appear. Another direct result of spending time in the abyss where time doesn't exist. Now time seems to be squeezing, and I don't know, maybe because we're, meaning our heliospere, is being squeezed, and time is seemingly contracting at a breakneck speed. I know it certainly seems that way to me. Now all moments are precious to me.

I don't know what's coming up next, but I do feel it's going to be the ride of our lives. I'm feeling that ascension is the name of the game, and I'm ready.

Cheers everyone!
 Quoting: Raveninns

HAHAHA! I used to despise the word 'soon' as well.

For me, my peace has come in not having to question things anymore. IT is like a confidence I feel, without being confident. Like it just IS. Maybe that comes from going through Dark Nights, and always coming out better for the wear. Though it can be painful and sorrowful, coming out the other side makes one wiser and 'truer'.
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