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Defination For "Illuminati" in this HOLOGRAM Application.

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United States
09/01/2009 04:01 PM
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Defination For "Illuminati" in this HOLOGRAM Application.
Its nice when you understand every thing in the Matrix Hologram, and their Purpose, and Functions,


(Sleeper Races)

Humans and other hybrid races who serve as Fallen Angelic puppets and who are being manipulated by fear for personal survival and a desire for acquisition of power to prevent pain and create personal pleasure. Covertly metaphysically motivated towards the One World Order (OWO) Fallen Angelics’ Master Plan.

Fear, the Pleasure-Pain Principle and Disinformation are the common control elements by which Illuminati and Humans become easily misled into surrendering their power to something outside of themselves.

(See: New Age Movement)

Once this “outside source” has your power, compliance with the approval of that source becomes, implicitly, the only way to feel empowered.

The reality of our present drama means that there are hordes of amnesiac Illuminati Sleepers, “Human Greeting Teams” and “just everyday people” that are presently the unsuspected victims of Astral Tagging, targeted Psychotronic mind control or DNA bond possession.

These are mostly good-hearted, intelligent people, who think they are “honoring their God, Angle, ET, government or science”. They are being blindly guided through their chosen “Pet Control Dogma” (“Traditional” or “Contemporary,” religious or scientific) into unknowingly playing the Fallen Angelics’ Master Plan (OWO).

The elite "Masters of War" that have held by force positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert "World Management Team," are the Illuminati hybrid "Sleeper Races."

The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly Representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind all "human" politics since the 9,558 BC "fall" of Atlantis.

Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure.

Like Earth Human races, Illuminati Sleepers races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.

Most Sleeper Races do not consciously know of the reality Fallen Angelics/ETs - only a few elite, key controllers among each Sleeper fraction are permitted conscious knowledge of covert Fallen Angelic/ET agendas.

Fallen Angelics historically control their Sleepers to serve as their "expendable pawns" upon "Chess-board Earth," through remote NET-transmission of subliminal psychotronic EM (electro-magnetic) scalar-pulse programs and astral Tagging.

Though the Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races appear both outwardly and genetically like "common humans," due to genetic mutations that began in 25,500 BC, they do not have the human soul essence.

The Sleepers are incarnates form the Fallen Angelic/ET collectives that control them; genuine Human 12-Tribe incarnates emerge from a once ascended master Guardian Maji Grail Line soul collective, not from the Fallen Angelic collectives from which Illuminati Sleepers emerge.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/01/2009 04:06 PM
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Re: Defination For "Illuminati" in this HOLOGRAM Application.