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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
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To describe it farther, it's not a language used for speech and writing, like English. It's more of a language of perception.

We're completely surrounded by seen and unseen languages, representations used to transmit (and form) reality.

For example, 4 letters of DNA are able to communicate the genetic instructions for life itself.

We use 26 letters of the English alphabet to understand the world around us and communicate with others. If you can think of a sound there is probably a way to represent it in English.

Similarly, where I come from we are able to represent everything in our perception using 4 "elements". We learn about these 4 elements to understand the world around us, much the same way we also use English to do the same.

Once you determine what element something is (from your perspective), there is a simple formula you can use to learn more about it and its relationship with other things.

Because most the people where I am from know this language we've developed in a somewhat different way.

Yes, there are alternate realities. "Possibilities" they may be called.

Everything truly exists. Like I mention above, When something cannot be fully perceived, it appears infinite.

Thus, every possibility you can imagine.

Our language also enables us to perceive these alternate realities, if we want. One alterate realm is this one.

It is no different that using a web browser to tunnel to a website. You could say that in our world, we have invented a type of internal browser that can transport us to other worlds (this example for illustration purposes).

You exist in multiple realms now, at every moment. You could traverse hundreds of thousands of different possibilities in one day without knowing it. (However, most if not all of the time these worlds are quite relative to your own. It would be as though you never left the city in which you were born. For me and others it is as easy as taking a trip from USA to Mexico, for example.)

Our worlds are pretty much the same until the time of the industrial revolution. That's about where our worlds diverge a bit. It could be as small of a difference as someone not meeting someone else one day. That bifurcative moment "created" the kind of world in which I lived.

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