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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
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You mean Einstein had it right all along?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 762044

It depends on what you consider "wrong".

Here's an example:

Let's say that Bob discovers a new formula, but the math is off.

Gyn comes along and reworks the formula to make it more useful. (To "make it right")

In my world Bob's formula is just as correct as Gyn's.

In your world Bob is wrong and should have his Nobel confiscated.

You could say that the correctness of Gyn's formula is based on Bob's formula. This would be an expanded version of "right" and "wrong".

It is not that Einstein was wrong. Einstein was completely right for the time.

If Einstein made public a more accurate group of theories, then this world would be very different.

What if you wen to year 1905 with physics from the year 2005 to show them what was right?

Changes need to be introduced gradually. Besides, no one would have the framework to understand most of what you're talking about (even with the maths).

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