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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>>>The answers are universal and have more to do with consciousness and perception.<<<<<

Too bad. It is not all that entertaining because you stated that there is no consciousness and no perception with the senses. Still there is the mind, so if there were no sensors to pick up signals, then still there would be the mind, and that would still dictate that there was life, but then it would be wholly a different perspective on life then.

Well, I will give you over to some other people perhaps, that may be interested in what you state, not that I am not, but well, frankly, I think you may find that a lot of people have no inkling of what you are claiming because they have no perception developed to deal with it. To them it may be entertaining, but really, I hope you know you ought to get paid for whatever it is that you are selling, these other people will be difficult to convince. I still may think that the Universe is filled with egos though out of humans being that humans are unto themselves in this Universe, although to some, other intelligent life must exist in this Universe. I see where these other people claim that humans are not really as intelligent as what some of these so-called more intelligent people claim. Physicists I don't think claim anything like that yet, they simply state they do not know according to what they find in particle accelerators except to never know. The structure of the Universe, without humans, is what they claim. Well, perhaps some of the other people who like this type of conversation will have more interesting questions for you (afterall they usually are on another forum, and well, perhaps some questions will come out of them. Good luck!
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