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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
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How can I change my perspective to go where you came from? Or anywhere for that matter. Although, wouldn't it be easier for me to learn these concepts there? Are there exercises I can do to practice this language to fully understand the concepts involved?
 Quoting: sedrick 720021


One's perspective is endlessly flexible.

However, we usually keep within a certain 'range' that is comfortable for us.

Changing your perspective is as simple as changing the representations that make up your world.

It is like asking ourselves every moment, "What is my world?". We usually decide our world is the one we're used to. The idea, then, is to get out of your perceptual comfort zone.

For example, if you were to tape a magnet to your hand for 3 weeks you would feel strange at first but after some time the magnet would become a part of you. You have thus expanded your perspective and would be able to sense more electromagnetic energies than you did before. You could probably even navigate via your internal sense of cardinal points. This is because you would have a new sense of what represents you.

We create representations to 'define' our self all the time. It is this group of representations that create the world you see. (Ecsys defines consciousness as the relationship between representations.)

So, very basically and practically-speaking:

1) find something that represents what it is you want to experience
2) interact with it
3) find something that better represents it
4) repeat

As I previously mentioned, someone from year 2000 cannot just appear in year 1000 and expect to experience much. They must first change their 'internal' representations for things. Because when they go to year 1000 everything is completely different and beyond what they'd expect.

They could:

1) gradually change their perspective to continuously embody new representations
2) intensely study the years 700-1200 (for example) so that they develop the internal flexibility to conceptualize what it means to perceive year 1000

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