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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle extradimensional template crea
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Just about yesterday I was talking to my friend and telling him that we lack the real technology that will make all our today boons obsolete.

I was high and telling him that the world is in reality a manifold that has converged in many points in such a way that they became self-aware. And they are able to behold this great manifold and so there is existance.

I speculated that due to the nature of termodynamics we are living in the world of most probable things. For example it could happen that you just fly up into the air but the probability for that is low, so we walk on earth.

All our since is trying to use those very probable things to make some less probable events more probable. Rocket science isn't easy.

I advanced that instead we should use some other kind of technology that would interact with probabilities flux and change it to our needs.

This way we wouldn't need to create complex things but just change the observers perspective into seeing things as it is required.

Now I found your thread and I am amazed at how close our ideas are.
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