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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well, someone made it over, but here is the other place, if it is not a kind of crime here, I guess.

[link to www.timetravelinstitute.com]

But really my perspective can only gain to such a future if I allow the relationship to control my perspective. Then all sort of other questions crop up out of that:

what is the purpose then?
what actual relationship can that have when it only can be imagined?
And I suppose - what new meaning does this have with applying with anything (as to individual relationships)?

P.S. The only relationship that could apply is if other people are willing to reciprocate the same general trend as to having a relationship in the first place of that kind.
As I stated then, there will be many people not willing to allow that to happen no matter how it is presented, perceived, given a perspective, or even thought about.

A long, long, long time ago, humans came into being on this planet (but now we are not humans according to your first post). However the evolution or creation went, perhaps we are just mutants from some other intelligent species that already existed in Time before humans came to the form as they now know.

The anatomy is still just anatomy.
The drudgery of the reality of physicalness that persists.

Well, excuse the Time Not 0 and well I do not really know - Rainman Time except for what is posted.

But then, there are postings about any of all of that time travelling stuff over there if one looks a little to past threads.

I think religion is the only perspective here on this worldline now and for the last 2000 or more years. I just wonder why humans want to enslave theirselves with the religion instead of enlightning theirselves. Of course then the relationship is again what it always becomes - an opinion, and the perspective is always whether the person agrees or disagrees with the perspective that holds the relationship of the people expounding upon the agreement anyway.

Sorry, I just don't agree with anything, and that may seem anti-social but really -- I just don't believe in mind control which it then seems to turn out to be. It is all relative.
Enough babbling, I guess I better do something to make me think that I am working towards something or other something which other people could not decide, did not care to ask, and only ended up wanting more of a person's life by doing something else, because - a person showed up and their supported their perspective (and thus the relationship) as being for their favor in bolstering their own further perspective but actually wrecking the relationship to begin with.

In this worldline, we have quite a few type of those type of people - people only interested in wrecking the relationship unless they gain something gratitude of money for even talking and having a relationship.

They essentially to me in my opinion only wish to control and mind control in the end, thus leaving me as something to avoid in the future, for they keep coming on with their whimsical type of only that type of relationship.

It is to me unethical, demon based, and they confer that everyone else is doing that also.

Well, here we all are - I guess - in Hell according to religion.

I doubt if the (OP) originator of this thread will be able to grant anyone anything about any new way of thinking or perspective or relationship.

Hello, I am a dummy then, but I am not the crash test dummy and brainless, although whether I have a brain or consciousness may be considered to be another question.

I suppose to our way of thinking now, they keep inferring that I do have a consciousness and that they can step on mine. I find that a bit just stupid as to their claims upon anything like anything else that they claim.

There can be no relationship with such people in the end. We and I are not slaves. But here it comes anyway, for the discussion is probably soon to become political even though that may not be mentioned.

Please excuse the people whos head hurts. They are trying to make it seem as if it does not. I don't really find that amusing anymore. The relationship soured a while after they afflicted theirselves in the first place.

Well, if the OP can explain that - just keep posting anyway.
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