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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
Post Content
OP- Is there a concise way to explain the relationship of your premise of 'relationships' and the conundrum of 'perspective' as it would relate to dreams?
Also, the relevance, if any, to the Univeral Unconcious or Akashic Records as postulated by Jung or accessed by Cayce?
Cheers- Rosi
 Quoting: Rosinante 670758


Everything that exists has corresponding representations.

Thus, everything is represented by something.

Each representation has a relationship with the others, in some way.

In your dream you still have representations, of course.

However, the thing that must be remembered is that relationships can change as the representations do.

For example, in your dream state it may be that you are melding together different parts of educational concepts.

However, when you awake and try to remember it you may, instead, remember that you were cleaning a large brown table.

Your representations vary according to your perspective.

When you awake you have new representations of memory and self (like body, brain, eyes, your room, etc.) so therefore the relationships you have are translated into a way that makes sense for you. (Although the dream may not make sense to you, it could be a perfect translation into your waking reality.)

Lastly, I don't know anything about the other concepts or names that you speak of.

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