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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle User 225527
Post Content
Thread: The Federal Reserve Will Be Removed From The Finances Of The United States

OP: "hahahahah"

Thread: Uggghhhh.... my husband thinks I am NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP: "Like the other poster said: "QUIT NAGGING HIM."
Focus your attention on other things. If you are going to sit and worry over some germs on a shopping cart, imagining a 'worst case scenario' then perhaps you need to seek some counselling.
And maybe it's best that you stay off of conspiracy-type fear mongering sites...
Seriously... don't worry so much: It's not healthy!!!!"

Thread: Second Sun new video from Padova (ITALY) (Page 2)

OP: "An amazing video! Does not look like a lens flare or a sundog!"

Thread: ZetaTalk LIVE Chat August 29 (Page 7)

OP: "Hardy-har-har cracker-jack. Go to another thread, Nancy and Zetatalk are here to stay baby!!!"

Should I continue?

Next, please...
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