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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I believe hermetics to be on the correct path. You are just a hermetic (coupled with a couple of ideas from theoretical physics) who is pretending to be a time traveler...


Any path could be said to be just as 'correct' as any other. This is because there is no 'final desination'.

I'm not sure what a hermetic is. I'll have to learn about it more.

I am only at the beginning of the practise but I experienced my first split of consciousness and it is quite freaky and cool at the same time. It only lasted 30 seconds or so.

Apparently one is able to experience not just 2 lives simultaneously, but thousands and more...

Perhaps it is more an an inclusiveness.

For example, your left hand could say that it was momentarily aware of "an alternate hand" (your right hand, from your perspective). The experience would, indeed, be quite strange to it. "How is this possible?", it may think.

The hand did not create this consciousness, it was already there. The hand just became aware of a relationship that exists.

There are many kinds of consciousness 'within' our own bodily consciousness. Hundreds of trillions of cells, for example, each with its own.

If one very intuitive cell were to become much more aware of the nature of its existence then it could feel that it is part of a brain, for example. If it expanded farther it could experience what it would be like to be you. At that time you could say there would be no difference between your experience and its expanded experience.

 Quoting: chaol 183770

You don't need to explain it to me chaol. I understand it.

Also, I already understand the philosophers point of view of "correct" or "up" or "down" or any position of relativity.

When I said "correct" in that context I mean it is a path to where I would like to go (destination or intention). In that regard, it is "correct". I focus on where I would like to go.

This is like a cool philosphy class. I'd given up ("not focused upon anymore" - to translate for you chaol) on theoretical "how the universe" works.

Now, it's much more important for me how to practically use these principles.

Franz Bardon has some good stuff. I'm a novice at hermetics, but I heard there are other ways.

Also, the other posters "emotion with vision" sounds spot on. I wonder if the effect would be more intense if more than one person did it. Mmmm. There are books on that I think. Didn't Noel Edmunds (Brit tv presenter) write something similar but without the emotion? I think emotion is the missing link though. Good one.

Your practical suggestion is to make up a new word for an experience with no word in English. I'll try that, in fact I just did . "Danga" will be my new word for a feeling that doesn't come very often these days (at all) but was one which I often had when I was 19,20,21. A feeling of excited optimism, but much more than that. I can't describe it, so it will be called Danga. I'm not sure how that will change my perception.

Your other method of being most relative to something similar to what you desire and then being relative to something more similar and so on. Could you give me an example?

If I took a material example, say a BMW, but didn't have the money I would want to make myself most relative to a BMW. Would I change jobs and work in a BMW garage? Would I browse BMW brochures and dream? Would I get a ride a lot from a friend who had one etc.? Would I concentrate on having one and feel the seats and imagine what it was like to have one? (That last bit sounds like emotion). That also sounds like "emotion with vision".

I don't want a BMW, by the way. But it is just an example.
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