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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
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hello! how do you use this language of yours? did you speak it or think it to come here? what is music like where you come from?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 749567


The language is a kind of slang or jargon that complements our use of spoken language. It could be compared to how traders on exchange floors mix English with their own technical jargon. Not everyone "speaks" it though.

Yes, it is thought to shift perspectives. Or to figure something out. Or to assist in decision-making. You can think of it like a mental equation, a key, that enables you to see the doorway into another world. Perhaps no different than using English in your mind to form thoughts and make decisions, etc. A lot of it, however, depends on context. What may be one interpretation to one person may be totally different to another. So we are not free from disagreements, politics, wars, and such. Though not nearly the kind that is had here.

Yes, our music is different. But I think because of two main reasons.

One is that it is much more integrated into our lives. Soundwise it is similar to the laptops here that may make a sound when you start up the operating system, open a program, or receive a message. For us, this music is everywhere. When I would sit in my chair the chair would sing for a few moments. Turning on the cold water sounds different than turning on the warm water. Our walls and doors make sounds depending on certain conditions. But more importantly music (as well as games) is a medium for education. Students can easily create music based on what it is they want to learn if there is not already a 'song' for it. Here is just seems that music is for entertainment. Its uses will probably be extended in your future.

Two, there's not so much of an emphasis on profit, so there is had a much more wide variety of music from which to chose. The more you listen to a piece the more there is an automatic demand for that type of music. So others create the music for what you would call money. The pieces tend to be much longer than a few minutes and don't necessarily include rhyming lyrics as much. We use more narratives.

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