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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
Post Content
Perhaps there is no real "materiality". Non-physical things can also be thought of as material because there is not really any difference between the two compositions.

They're all just representations, even "spiritual".

 Quoting: chaol 183770

Following on!

At no other group of times, for the past few thousand years, have we been able to create something of value out of thin air.

Now we have digital things that others can interact with. This non-physical world was not precently extant.

This is leading to the "non-physical" universe. But, again, the composition will be the same as there is only the idea of physicality. So, rather, more non-physical things. Eventually, self. (One day you will all be able to access the "metaphysical internet", as your distant relatives in my world do.)

We look at one "shape" and call it physicality. It "sounds" different from the other shapes, which could be the ultraphysical, metaphysical, etc. But really we make these distinctions because we're not able to perceive without a shape of some sort.

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