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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
Post Content
In our world, we use scientific methods to override superstition. One example is that rather than being the cause of fat, good fats help lower cholesterol levels. Most of our Earth people think as you do, but have done deeper research to break through superficial answers.
 Quoting: Hypatia


There are, of course, different kinds of fat. We all know this. Hopefully I don't want to state anything too obvious.

We can go into details all we want but, as another poster has kindly reminded us, this website is for entertainment purposes. It is not a technical nor scientific reference, nor a mirror of Wikipedia.

Hopefully scientist's answers did not start out superficially, providing but older science to break through. "Deeper research" is good, but let us not forget the origin of the universe is neither scientific nor superficial.

We can challenge one-another to think differently. There is a place for everything in the universe. Read this forum to be entertained, if you don't get anything else out of it. Although I'm not a good joke-teller, some of you may think that what I am proposing is worthy of a good laugh. I actually don't mind. I would probably think the same.

By the way, most of our (your) sciences began as "magic". It's roots, not ecsys, are very superstitial. Of course there are very few magicians today. Hopefully much less than scientists.

Science has evolved its technical thinking. But have we evolved our thinking of ourselves?

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