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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle chaol
Post Content

Some of you may be wondering, "Well, how I alter my universe?"

Allow me to illustrate the way I do this by first explaining how *you* do this already. [This is Part 1. A little something before I may go.]

When you drift off into sleep you are altering your perspective.

It may seem as though your conscious mind is changing from being awake to being asleep, from A state to B state. Let's exemplify this and say your 'bodily perspective' is like a car, the 2009 Consciousness X. You may think you are driving this car across one state to an other, transitioning steadily off into sleep.

What happens, instead, is that at the moment you're driving the Consciousness X and decide to go to Sleepyland you jump out of the car and into another car, the Consciousness XI. This car is on a different path, towards Sleepyland and all the wonderful magic it offers.

Amazingly, when you decide to jump out you notice the Consciousness X is still driving! That's because a car must always have a driver. A perspective (the car) and consciousness is the same thing.

So the Consciousness X continues down its path of bodily awareness while the Consciousness XI goes in another direction.

Every possibility exists. Why? Because the 'goal' of existence is to create relationships with everything. The more relationships there are, the more consciousness there is. The more consciousness there is the fuller its perspective and the "closer" it is to perceiving the entirety of itself (although there is no distance, only perspective, and perceiving itself fully is impossible).

(We experience those possibilities which are most relative to our experience. If you choose door A instead of door B your perspective will experience door A but another perspective will experience door B. You don't remember door B because it is no longer relative to your experience. The possibility of feeling the handle of door A and walking through it *is* most relative, so that is what you experience. Make door B relative and you can experience that, too. You might call this being psychic. But it's just using perspective.)

You still have all of your senses (plus thought) in your Consciousness X. All of your devices and wiring still works just as a car should. In actuality, Consciousness X is *not* in the dream state. This means that you are *not* in another state of mind when you are sleeping. Technically, you are *always* in Consciousness X.

You can expand your idea of what you consider "you" to include other perspectives. You do this already when you say that you had a dream. It was your dream, right? But when you momentarily perceive another perspective in your waking reality you usually don't say that you were back 20 years ago standing in your kitchen (result: a particular smell "suddenly" coming to you). You just say you had a vivid memory of some past event.

But in reality, you've experienced another you. (And made it relative to your waking experience so that you can remember it. You can do this by creating representations for the dream events, or vice versa.)

We can experience these perspectives all the time. We just have to make it relative to our current experience. We make the dreaming perspective relative to our waking experience by coming up with a structure (sleeping patterns), having representations of sleep (bed, sheets, closed eyes, etc), potential energy (thoughts), and interacting with those elements. We sleep, in effect, because we have established a model for sleep.

It is about the same method that I use. Except the different way that we use it in my world enables us to have different perspectives. We have models for shifting our perspective of time, models for shifting our perspective of the world we live in, and others.

I am here in what I call an alternate universe (though it is really the same universe) and experiencing your world *because* I have a model for it. There was a time in humanity that our perspective was only dreaming. There was a time that we had no dreams to remember. Some of us have never remembered a dream at all. In your future you will also have the same "model for experiencing alternate realms" that I am using.

Imagine traveling to a remote, undiscovered, civilization in the jungles of Peru and finding out that they are unable to dream. You tell them how you are able to lay down, close your eyes and shift your perspective, experiencing just about anything you can imagine. You explain to them that it's not magic. They just need to follow the same model and change their cognitive framework to include such things. They'd definitely think you're nuts and wouldn't even begin to be able to understand how it's possible, but it sure does sound fascinating.

But it's what you're doing already.

The only difference is that where I come from we've learned how to 1) make our waking experience relative to the place we want to go. Mainly so that we can both remember it and use the same kind of perspecitve when we get there (ie., take our mind with us); and 2) decide where we want to go. You've not learned #1 and #2 because you don't have the proper tool. This tool that we use is Ecsys.

When you are dreaming and the dream suddenly transitions to another, the first dream continues on about its path. You don't experience this because your have only 1 perspective. (You can expand your perspective to experience both realms the same way you've expanded your perspecitve to include all your bodily realms, but that's perhaps another post).

Similarly, when you begin the dream you'll notice the dream has already begun. It was there in full before you were aware of it. That's because although you have shifted your perspective to it, it was already a world of its own.

And so here I am in your world. Everything was here already. But I have shifted my perspective. I live in 2009, but I live in a different world.

So what does it mean that you remember that you went to sleep? It is the memory of you jumping out of the car and being able to track the other car on the GPS. Although you don't really remember your dream from the dream perspective (as the two cars took different paths and you didn't see what you could have seen in Consciousness XI) you can see the map of your experience. Your GPS has different software, and allows you to see representations of the other car and location on its screen. When you look at the map and view the route Conscious XI took, you call it your "dream". You remember something about it because the car is the same model and year. You see other cars on the road but you tend to ignore them and only remember seeing cars that were exactly like yours. You remember and perceive that which is relative to you. (The same way your senses/brain ignore greater than 99% of your current reality.)

You may be thinking that your dream is just a dream. Of course you do because the perspecitves are different. (Is that other 1% of your reality that you ignore also a dream?) When you are dreaming how invalid do you think your dreams are? They are in fact so real that you seem to dream for hours. Some of us don't even want to wake up! But your dream world isn't the same kind of physically-oriented world as you know it. Some dreams are physical, indeed (but on a different wavelength of what would be called physicality). They may even have an effect on your sleeping body. Some dreams are not physical at all. But all dreams are real. And all reality does not exist in your dreams. But dreams are a way for you to shift your perspective.

I get to your world not by dreaming but by being very much awake, using the language of ecsys. One day, too, you will "dream while waking" the same way you "think deeply while waking", which is not something humanity has always been able to do. No, this would not be a hallucination that overloads the already-strained senses. It will be your expanded perspective.

Part 2 will explain how you can use ecsys to do the same thing.

(In the example above, notice how I created representions for the concepts using metaphors. The metaphors allowed you to, hopefully, perceive the concepts more clearly. This is what ecsys does. By creating representations you can perceive. By manipulating the relationships you can change your perspective.)

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