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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have to say Chaol, you are very very bright. I thought I was bright on the metaphysical, but man, you blow me away. (curse relativity lol). You keep upping the ante!

I also like your idea of people wanting lots of material things as they think they need it to form relationships.
That is a new way of saying people are too attached to material things, or that it is material things which define people. For me, myself, the ideal way to defining myself at the moment is the emotional aspect. What are my negative traits and how can I transfer them into positive ones, e.g., if I am arrogant, how can I become humble. Do you see?

However, I think the banking system is how it is as a means of control rather than greed. If you control the money, you control the world. (Not that they are in control too much at the moment lol).

Science has evolved its technical thinking. But have we evolved our thinking of ourselves?

 Quoting: chaol 183770

Nice, very good. Philosophy was the privilege of the bright thinkers. Science the privilege of a small group too. The question is always how can we use their knowledge in a practical way. Maybe new age stuff and hermetics can help on the practical side of metaphysics. This is also where perhaps you come in.

Science on the other hand is trickier. Perhaps the internet is the answer. There are websites which let people know the latest findings on health issues for example. They are far from complete however. I know from certain medical conferences and personal contacts that amazing information which would blow the public away is not available to them, mostly due to the medical industry. The causes of modern chronic diseases is known to me, but not the public.

Also, if we had the inclination we could also be our own mad scientist.

I am still in the conundrum of your science opinion. I agree that science relies on assumptions, however, I still see it as the best method we have at the moment for discovering truth. For example, I would like to know what is good for my body and what is bad. I would like to know if something is a poison or something detoxifies my body. What affect do mercury fillings have on the body of a chimpanzee for example. Are they good for me or bad?

I agree though that science fails in the "God" question.
Of course it would.

If person1 changed her perspective to person2, then she would be person2.

Perspectives cannot be combined. It would then be a new perspective. (It's more squared than added, though there's not any words I can put the concept into.)

 Quoting: chaol 183770

Are you aware of your life back in your world, is your perception completely focused on one "life", or can you perceive two or more lives simultaneously?

It's the latter which happened to me while practising hermetics. It has not happened since. I hope it happens again and that I am much braver.

This question goes on the assumption that you are genuine, which I reserve my judgement.

Also, I also read in a new age book that the completion of the universe is that all matter knows itself. This means that you have to be aware of everything all at once, not just transfer your focus from one experience to another.

Now imagine that one magnet is you and the other magnet is an apple pie.

The more you interact with this other representation the more "you+apple pie" consciousness you are creating. The result will be another consciousness (maybe you adding more fat to your body). The result is the 'square' of the you and apple pie representations.


 Quoting: chaol 183770

I do not understand that. Is it that I am creating more apple pie or that I am transferring my focus to the world where apple pie is more common?

And if emotion is the relationship between representation, which emotion is best to realise more of the representation?
(You can see I'm searching for practical applications)

Discovering simplicity probably requires more of the scientific method (and more logical reasoning) than anything else.

Of course the scientific elite don't want simplicity. It would take away their power.

 Quoting: chaol 183770

Kind of yes (your perspective). In my opinion, it's not necessarily simplicity that is their enemy but brand new concepts full stop. I'm sure quantum theory is more complex than relativity but it took till the old men in power died before it became accepted.

I love the theory of the electric universe. The community hasn't accepted it because they have invested in more theories to explain the anomalies that keep cropping up with their current model. They are way too deep to admit their premise is wrong at this stage.

Just to clarify, in my opinion, it is not power in the sense of ego, but power in the sense of career. Nobody gets to a high career position by rocking the system.

Lastly, I'm looking for more practical things from you.

Your website ecsys is still way too intellectual. There have been countless very bright 18 to 22 year olds who have great intellectual theories. This doesn't help us though.
It just oozes narcissism.

Chaol, what you need to do is have a set of practical instructions that work. Have a stage 1 through to 10 for initiates to practice every day. As initiates see results, they will continue. Explaining theory is of little use to anyone really.

Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is exactly what I have described.

You wouldn't have to pretend to be from an alternate universe (even if you were). Just say these are the steps to having control over your reality and to explore others. You will not need to give yourself authority (by pretending to be from an alternate universe or channeling aliens or an arch angel etc.) as you will have it when the system proves itself.

Do you see what I mean?
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