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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Wool-fee
Post Content

Muwanguamongma is the end of the world as you know it.

It is nothing bad or negative. No more than your dream coming to and end and starting anew. (No matter how many of us want it to be, or do not see how it could not be.)

This great unknown is reminiscent of "nothing" and to be resisted like there's no tomorrow.

So we make waves where there were none before.

Here's a question for the kids out there. Why do most countdowns seems to start at "10"? Why not 5 or 15, or even 14?
 Quoting: Chaol

I'm guessing that the reason they start at 10 is because to us, its a single increment of time that is both long and short enough to be fair for the 'final moment.'

If I had to guess further, I'd say that in our own perspectives, we may very well have different amounts of fingers too. I had 10 fingers for a reason but you may have a different amount, and you may not even have hands, but what I see in place of hands, for what I have deemed hands, will have 10 fingers, and be comprehended as that.

I wonder more why we even count as small as one. Is there any number between zero and one? Can we divide one finger into 10ths?

Why is my first guess to divide that by 10ths and not 14th's? I guess 10's are easier to count... I have a system in my head in which I can easily tell how much 10 x 10 is. Or 10x 14, or 10x 300. Its just a trick, using the number 10. The number 14 would stump me more. I can guess how much 14 x 10 is by backwards thinking (my mind does 10 x 14) and get 140, but anywhere in the middle loses me because either side of the calculation isn't a ten. I'm not as smart as others though...

Last night I lay in my living room and thought about many things. I have a wall light on the left side of the room and a ceiling fan, which was off at the moment.

As I looked at the ceiling, I saw that the shadow of the ceiling fan was there. Nothing special. It was in the shape of an x, but sort of stretched out. It had the shadow of the light fixture and pull-chain... I wondered, that exact shape, I can easily say its a ceiling fan. But if i took the wall-light off the wall and started to walk around in slow circles, the exact 2d shape of the shadow would change.. it would stretch and shrink, get clearer as I brought the light closer or get blurry edges as I backed up.

If I went really far and had a strong enough light that shadow would stretch really far, as the shadow of myself when I walk with the sun behind me.

If the light was a "perspective" what would that mean? It means that as the light shifts position, the shape of the shadows are always different, but we recognize it as the same thing because the shape changes slowly enough that we remember what it was before and can relate it to what it is currently. Is this the limitation of "time" or the illusionary significance of 'time'? To be able to follow through with the changing shapes of perspective without getting lost?

I also wondered about the orb example you gave before. You had said "what if the light came from within?" and i couldnt really understand that.. i thought, it would simply glow.

But now I think, that means it would project the shadow if itself in all directions. This means whatever is inside the orb, as it looks at it, would project a shaped-shadow out. So the world outside is sort of like shadows. If we change within, it projects without?

I'm sure I got carried away and lost somewhere.. but those are my thoughts.
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