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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
The following is a "gift" of sorts. I'm sure some of you don't want to wait an other 1-3 years for a revelation to occur, so here it is.

The basics of neuronics is to manage the relationships of your personal light pulses (the light that is most relevant and, thus, closest to you - in your mind), represented by neurons in the brain.

Again, this is the same light as from the sun. The light in your brain does not directly come from the sun but it works on the same operational principles. There is no difference between the two, except that the sun is your less-relative brain, you could say.

So in my world, how do we use neuronics to effect perspective?

The perspective can be changed ("at will", as would here be said) by 'manipulating' the geometry of relationships of the neurons in the brain.

We need not know exactly how this works in order to make it work for us. (Much the same way you don't need to know about physics and calculus to jump over a pond of water.)

We need only represent all of the important factors, which creates relationships in perspective. We then manipulate the representations and the perspective is shifted simultaneously.

Take a look at your screen. You are able to perform blazingly fast computer calculations, manipulate electrons, and perform all sorts of physically-oriented feats and more using the icons on your computer.

You need not know how it works. You need only 1) know what to represent; and 2) know how to manipulate the representations.

Bill Gates, Xerox Parc, and Apple Computers took care of step 1. Step 2 is what you're doing now.

It is no different than how I use neuronicons to manipulate my reality. (Except my brain is my computer, so to speak. And that is what the last few hundred pages are for.)
 Quoting: Chaol

I don't understand this,Chaol! Your blue sentence is so inviting - could you simplify the concept or, better still, give examples of what you mean?
 Quoting: Marshwiggle

Hi. Which part can I clarify most?
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