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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Had a success this morning utilizing neuronics.

Son lost his wallet. We were searching all over for it, calling up all the places he had gone to yesterday, and grilling him on where he saw it last. It would have been a disaster if it was gone for good.

I stopped and realized that I could change all this, so I conjured up an image of son's wallet being in his bedroom. I purposely "felt" that it was in his bedroom. I told the others to look again in his bedroom. They protested that they had already done this three times, and I insisted that it was in his bedroom.

Finally, they found it in the top drawer of his dresser. How neat and orderly of me! That is exactly where I would have put it if I were the one setting down a wallet.

"You don't have to know how it works in order to use it" - paraphrasing Chaol
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